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SF Chronicle

As the president of the center-left Environmental Progress think tank, he’s the kind of wonky, engaged person people should want in government, especially because he isn’t afraid to take on his fellow progressives.

-Joe Garofoli, Senior Political Writer, SF Chronicle



Orange County Register

Best of all Shellenberger epitomizes the notion that politicians should address real problems, rather than posturing for the adoration of the media, celebrities and billionaires with clearly too much money and time on their hands. “Does it matter if a policy is liberal or conservative,” he asks. “Who cares? What matters is what works.”

-Joel Kotkin, Orange County Register


The Federalist

He is taking direct aim at the state’s corrupt cronyism, fueled by Newsom and incumbent Gov. Jerry Brown…

[Michael Shellenberger's] manifesto’s optimistic and somewhat patriotic tone was unlike anything I had read from mainstream environmental activists, and Shellenberger is not your typical, laid-back, crunchy green.

-Julie Kelly, The Federalist


The National Review

[Michael Shellenberger is] one of the most important voices on the left… In spite of the odds against him, Shellenberger’s decision to run for office is a brave one.

-Robert Bryce, Manhattan Institute, National Review


The Rubin Report

If California Democrats have any chance of not going off the deep end it will be because of people like [Michael Shellenberger].

-Dave Rubin, The Rubin Report