California for All

I was raised believing that the Democratic party was the party of the common people, not the powerful; the party of FDR and JFK, and technological progress; and the party of the Enlightenment dream of prosperity, liberty, and justice for all.

But in California, and too often nationally, the Democrats have sided with the powerful against the people; with big oil, big real estate, and big unions over poor people, middle class people, renters, Millennials, and most anyone who would like to one day own a home here.

Too often Democrats blame Republicans for everything when, as California shows, Democrats mess up, too.

But that’s reason for me to fight for the Democratic Party, not abandon it.

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Michael Shellenberger
Why I'm running for Governor

To save California, we must first save the Democratic Party

Dear Friend,

For all of my adult life I have worked on progressive and Democratic causes to lift up the common person and protect the natural environment.

I am running for governor because I am deeply concerned about the crises affecting housing, jobs, schools, and the environment in our beautiful state.

Rents are going through the roof. Student performance is declining. Wages are stagnant.  

My party — our party — has failed to deal with these problems because of narrow-minded interests that maintain our state's exclusionary housing policies and our regressive tax system that transfers wealth from the young to the old.

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Michael Shellenberger