My plan and platform

 Click the above to read California for All

Click the above to read California for All

Dear Friends,

I am happy to announce the publication of California for All, my plan to save the California dream.

I am publishing it as a single booklet because each of its elements — from the economy and education to housing and energy — work as parts of a larger whole.

While I am a lifelong progressive and Democrat, I hope this pamphlet is read by conservatives, Republicans, and independents.

At the heart of this pamphlet is an indictment of corruption that I believe transcends partisan politics.

Please email me your comments, questions, and concerns. Whatever your reaction, I am eager to hear it.


P.S. Readers seeking a deeper treatment of the same argument are encouraged to read “California in Danger: Why the Dream is Dying and How We Can Save It,” a 100-page report published last week by Environmental Progress.

Michael Shellenberger