Powerful New Endorsements!

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Over the last two years, Environmental Progress has organized dozens of the world's leading scientists and scholars to speak out in defense of nuclear plants at risk of being replaced by fossil fuels.

During that time, Harvard scholar Steven Pinker has been one of our most prominent allies. He has signed open letters to governors and heads of state, spoken out for nuclear to his 400,000 followers on Twitter, and made the case for atomic humanism in his new, best-selling book, Enlightenment Now!

As such, it is a great honor to announce that Steve has joined climate scientists James Hansen, Tom Wigley, and Kerry Emanuel, as well as Steve McCormick, former CEO of The Nature Conservancy, conservation science pioneer Michelle Marvier, and co-founder of the environmental justice movement, Norris McDonald, in endorsing me for governor of California.

These endorsements give us tremendous new momentum — and a strong case to be included in future debates.

Michael Shellenberger