Why I'm running for Governor


To save California, we must first save the Democratic Party

Dear Friend,

For all of my adult life I have worked on progressive and Democratic causes to lift up the common person and protect the natural environment.

I am running for governor because I am deeply concerned about the crises affecting housing, jobs, schools, and the environment in our beautiful state.

Rents are going through the roof. Student performance is declining. Wages are stagnant.  

My party — our party — has failed to deal with these problems because of narrow-minded interests that maintain our state's exclusionary housing policies and our regressive tax system that transfers wealth from the young to the old.

It doesn't have to be this way. We can create abundant housing, world-class schools, high wage jobs, and cheap, clean energy.

We can have fair taxation, pay teachers more, and make schools work for students and parents.

What's required is a governor who will tear down the exclusionary policies, and fight for productive economic growth against corruption and rent-seeking.

I've spent my entire professional career fighting for the little guy. I've stood up to big corporations like Nike, Pacific Lumber, and PG&E.

I'm the only Democrat running for governor who was not part of the establishment that created the housing, jobs, schools, environmental, and corruption crises.

I'm running to give all Californians — Democrats, Republicans, independents — a chance to choose change. It's an open primary on June 5, so you have the freedom to vote for whoever you want.

I hope you'll read our vision and platform, watch our (forthcoming) videos, and consider supporting my candidacy with a donation.

With your support, we can restore integrity to the Democratic Party, and save the California Dream of opportunity and equality for all.


Michael Shellenberger