California for All

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Why I'm running


For all of my adult life, I have worked on progressive and Democratic causes to lift up the common person and protect the natural environment.

I am running for governor because I am deeply concerned about the crises affecting housing, jobs, schools, and the environment in our beautiful state.

Unlike our self-styled progressive leaders, Shellenberger favors policies that address climate without undermining the middle and working classes.
-Joel Kotkin, Orange County Register
He’s the kind of wonky, engaged person people should want in government, especially because he isn’t afraid to take on his fellow progressives.
-Joe Garofoli, Senior Political Writer, SF Chronicle



High-Wage Jobs

We can create high-wage jobs by embracing automation, including the autonomous vehicle revolution, attracting and keeping manufacturing, and raising the minimum wage.

Abundant Housing

The key to more homeownership and lower rents is abundant housing. We can achieve that by closing the loophole in our most important environmental law, which allows frivolous lawsuits, and "up-zoning" our cities and suburbs. 


Personalized Education

We have all the tools we need to "flip the classroom" and turn teachers into tutors and the Internet into an instructor.

We need to professionalize teaching, raise teachers wages, and modernize the school day.

Clean Air & Wild Nature

California can have cheap and abundant clean energy, fresh water, and wild nature. The key is to end discrimination against our largest and most affordable source of clean energy: nuclear power.